What size images can I upload?

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    Q: How much can I upload?

    You can upload pretty much anything up to 50MB. In this day and age of unlimited uploading to almost everywhere putting limits o1n something is just daft.

    Q: I cant upload image x?

    Ill have to look into it :), I upload 12MB jpeg from my <span id="mouseover"><p>canon<span>Made in japan ?</span></></span> 7D MK II onto the forum without issue (other than crappy irish broadband of course!)

    Q: Doesn't it cost a fortune to host and share all these pictures?

    Probably, but that my problem to sort out. And if it does become a problem well we can say Irish.Gallery has become a success.

    Q: How much is a membership to the site?

    Free, just sign up here: https://irish.gallery/login/login

    Q: why is there no ads?

    Because there are currently (at the time of writing this) no users apart from myself having my own weee party.

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